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Smart-telecaster Zao - ​​High quality H.265 live mobile video streaming.

Smart-telecaster, the world’s first mobile H.265 HEVC hardware encoder, enables full HD live video mobile transmission of live events via 3G/4G networks to anywhere in the world... professional HEVC encoding with up to 6 bonded RASCOW connections.​  

Smart-telecaster Zao-S - Super live with the worlds smallest H.265 mobile encoder.

The miniature Smart-telecaster Zao-S maintains HD quality in low 3G or 4G bandwidth environments. Smart-telecaster Zao-S, the world’s smallest mobile H.265 HEVC hardware encoder that can be attached to any broadcast camera, solves these issues. Thanks to the compression capabilities of H.265, coupled with its RASCOW technology, high quality mobile HD live streaming is possible even in low 3G or 4G bandwidth environments. This makes it a first class product for encoding on the move for reliably streaming live broadcast quality content. 

Fast and easy to use decoding software STC HD View.

STC HD View is decoding software that allows operators to view up to 4 incoming H.265 video streams over the internet and decodes the streams back to the original SDI format. Located at the receiving station, STC HD View software can also record incoming streams as local files that can be stored, viewed and decoded later.